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Do you know what hyaluronic acid is?
It is one of the components of the skin, so it is already an acid
that is part of our body. It is important because it regulates the elasticity
of our skin and gives it that much loved and sought after tonic effect.
Over the years, the level in our body decreases and so the skin appears
less radiant and with a wrinkle or two extra. It’s not a bad idea to help
your body using products that include precious hyaluronic acid
among their ingredients.

Did you know that cleansing wipes are also handy on an airplane?
We know that taking liquids onto a plane is a very difficult
thing at the moment, and we also know that women always want
their beauty secrets on hand. So, thanks to Fria wipes,
you can still take care of yourself, even while flying,
as there’s no problem taking them on board and you can feel
perfect, every time.

Did you know that lanolin is a wax?
It is a substance found in nature and from which beauty care products
are made. One example is softening oils that aim to create a protective
barrier to combat and prevent cracking and dehydration.

Did you know that free radicals are oxygen compounds
that bind to other elements?

Oxygen, which is indispensable to maintain life, also, paradoxically,
becomes the most important source of free radical production.
Every time we breathe, 95% of the oxygen is used by cells to produce
energy, while the remainder gives rise to free radicals.

Did you know that the microgranules are made
from crushed apricot kernels?

The scrub has a natural base that allows you to take action on the skin
in a deep but gentle way. Your pores will be cleansed and your tissues
reoxygenated thanks to the apricot, without embarrassing
redness and irritation.

Documento senza titolo
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