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Did you know that it's important to take off your makeup before
going to bed?

As wells leave ugly stains on your pillow, makeup can break
your eyelashes and close the pores of your skin, preventing it from
regenerating and breathing. Cleansing your face thoroughly is therefore
important from an aesthetic point of view, and at the same time
fundamental to the health of your skin.

Did you know that drinking water is good for your skin?
Drinking water helps to cleanse the skin and keep it toned. Hydrated skin
can work better and has higher levels of cell renewal.
It is also easier to counteract the negative
effects of exposure to weather and pollution. This is clearly not possible
in a day, but even just drinking the right amount of water for a week
will help you see the beneficial effects on the skin.

Did you know that there are simple remedies for a shiny nose?
To combat this unpleasant problem every day, we can intervene
with natural methods which really don’t take long at all.
After you have thoroughly cleansed the face, you should first
rinse with warm water and then with cold water. After this,
apply a little rose lotion on your nose and let it dry.
This will help you have skin in better shape.

Did you know that it is also important to take care of your lips?
The lips are one of the most delicate parts of our body and
it is our duty to take care of them. Also because they are ours
for life. At home, in peace, you can prepare a natural softener
for your lips. You just need some liquid honey.
Smooth it onto your mouth in balanced quantities and
leave on for approximately 30 minutes. Feel the difference?

Did know that squeezing is a trauma for your skin?
It must be avoided. Really, you are abusing your skin.
Basically, what happens is this: the sebaceous gland is attacked
suddenly and emptied and the reaction is to produce even more sebum.
The result is the exact opposite of what you hoped to achieve,
and you will also damage your skin with blemishes
and semi-permanent marks.

Did you know that washing your face in warm water is better?
When it comes to rinsing, it is highly recommended to use water that
is neither too hot nor too cold. All this so as not
to excessively stress your microcirculation
and to keep those famous capillaries under control.
Documento senza titolo
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